Meet the Board of Directors

Mike Stott

Board of Directors - Board Chair

Sylvia Draughn

Board of Directors - Vice Chair & Fundraising Liaison

Manny Fernandez

Board of Directors - Treasurer & Accounting Liaison

Kim Strickland

Board of Directors - Secretary & Liaison to By-laws Committee

Jennie Langer

Board of Directors - Facility Liaison

Judith Johnson

Board of Directors - Program Committee Liaison

Chet Bertolli

Board of Directors - Marketing Liaison

Dr. Rev. Ugie Tindal-Kirkpatrick

Board of Directors - Fundraising Committee

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are typically held on the third Thursday of the month. Active members may attend any scheduled regular meeting. Members may be excused for Executive Sessions, where sensitive personnel, financial, or confidential matters are discussed.

Any active member wishing to address the Board Chair or Vice Chair shall advise the Board in writing of the nature of item to be addressed, and the expected time necessary to do so, at least seven (7) days prior to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. The Secretary will advise the requesting member the earliest regularly scheduled meeting which has time available to properly hear the request.