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Receive a Prayer Shawl

Each Unity North Prayer Shawl is created with love and infused with prayers while it is being made. It can be a source of physical and spiritual comfort for the recipient.

Anyone, anywhere who needs a tangible reminder of God’s love and care may receive a Prayer Shawl.

To receive a Prayer Shawl, use this form or stop by the Joy Room on Sunday between services.

The Prayer Shawls are freely given. We do gratefully receive donations to purchase materials for future Prayer Shawls.

Request a card from Card Care

The Card Care Team sends messages of encouragement, support, and care for anyone undergoing medical procedures or illness, dealing with a loss, experiencing the joy of a birth, the union of marriage, or a milestone birthday.

The cards are reminders that each of us is held in God’s light and love. It’s so uplifting when our team hears how appreciated our cards have been to someone!

Please use this form to request a card to be sent. Include name, address, and reason for the card.

Have a Prayer Chaplain pray with me
  • Our Prayer Chaplains hold sacred space every Sunday and are available for one-on-one prayer before and after services.
  • The Chaplains make Wellness Calls to members of our congregation who have requested this monthly prayer check-in.
  • They pray over and forward to Silent Unity the prayers that are placed in the Prayer Box in the Sanctuary.

To request a time of prayer with a Prayer Chaplain or a monthly Wellness Call, use this form to request prayer.

For more information on Prayer, visit the Prayer page. Click here to request prayer.

Receive food from the Gift of Food Bank

If you or someone you know would benefit from the produce, breads, sweets, and more that we have at our weekly food bank, then join us Wednesdays from 1:00-2:30 pm by the side door to the kitchen. As you drive up, our volunteers will load groceries into your car.

Community Resources in Times of Need

Counseling, Crisis Resources, Financial Assistance, Transportation Assistance, and more