Join the Natural Flow of Energy Surrounding Abundance

Thank you for support!

One-Time Giving

We are so GRATEFUL for the gifts you bring to Unity North!

Generosity creates awareness and an atmosphere of abundance.


Consistent Giving

To become part of our Consistent Giving Program, choose Regularly for Frequency on the donation form and complete the form. It is as easy as that!

By participating in the Consistent Giving Program (CGP)you are making a consistent financial commitment to support your Spiritual Home while allowing Unity North to plan, budget, and create programs throughout the year that help us recognize, demonstrate, and share the Divinity in all of us.

  • Text the amount you want to donate to 84321

  • Follow the link that pops up to select your church (Unity North Atlanta Church)

  • Fill out the information and follow the instructions to complete the transaction

  • Once you are set up, you only have to text an amount to 84321
Creative Giving
Creative Giving

Examples of Creative Gifts:

  • Matching corporate gifts
  • Challenge gifts (matching personal gifts)
  • Major gifts such as automobiles
  • IRA (Individual Retirement Account)
  • Income from investments
  • Income from copyrights, patents and royalties
  • Assets other than cash (stocks, bonds, life insurance, etc.)
  • Residence in trust
  • Legacy in will
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions