Board of Directors Application

Apply to serve on the Board of Directors

The Membership will elect new Board members at the Annual Membership Meeting. The Unity North Board of Directors is a diverse group of volunteers dedicated to upholding the Bylaws of Unity North Atlanta and advancing UNA’s Mission.


If you meet these qualifications listed below, and are dedicated to helping us grow our Ministry, we invite you to download and fill out this application and email the completed form to the Nominating Committe at (please copy and paste the email address). Once your application has been received, you will be asked to undergo an interview by the Nominating Committee

Board of Director Qualifications ​

  1. 1) Has been an active member of Unity North for at least one year.
  3. 2) Shall commit to live in accordance with the principles of love as taught by Jesus Christ and other spiritual masters, and the tenets of Practical Christianity as expressed in the five (5) Principles of Unityand supported by UNA and its Spiritual Leader.
  5. 3) Works to further the purposes of UNA through active interest, love, and financial support.
  7. 4) Is a sincere and continuing student of Unity and is conversant with its teachings. (Members should have completed at least one Unity course in the year prior to nomination to be considered and commit to attending at least one such class each year during service on the Board.)
  9. 5) Shall participate in at least one Board designated committee for the duration of their term.
  11. 6) Has demonstrated leadership capabilities.
  13. 7) Shall not have a spouse, parent, child, or significant other already serving as a board member or staff member. Shall not be a Licensed Unity Teacher and shall not be currently receiving compensation from UNA.
  15. 8) Is visible, available, and accessible to the congregation.
  17. 9) Is willing and able to commit to serving a 3-year term on the board and to 8–12 hours per month to board meetings and other duties.

In addition to the above qualifications, consideration may to given to candidates with expertise required by the Board. For example, finance, marketing, human resources, etc.

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