Meet the Prayer Chaplain Team

Our Prayer Chaplain are committed to the sacred service of prayer. The Chaplain take time after Sunday Services to hold space and pray woth individuals one-on-one. They are not counselors, or advice-givers, but commit to holding sacred space, lovingly listen, and hold in confidence what is shared. If you would like immediate prayer, please fill out the Prayer Request form here.  

Judy Demmer


My name is Judy Demmer, and I am native born Georgian, from Atlanta; however, I did some exploring in my younger days. I lived in Tennessee, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Minnesota before returning to Marietta in 1981.


My career roles have been varied; I retired in 2014 from being the Controller of an IT staffing corporation. My family roles include being a wife, a mother, and grandmother and I suppose I relish my grandchildren like most grandmothers. My life is full and my days are busy; however these were and are my roles – what am I?


I am an awesome spiritual being and so are you. To be able to share that truth is why I love being involved with the Chaplain Corp at Unity North. My spiritual background is varied; during my first college years, most of my electives were courses like Eastern Religions and History of Humans Studies (Philosophy). As a child my upbringing was very traditional Southern Christian. However, I think I always had questions. And I still do; I hope to keep right on learning.


I am honored, privileged and challenged to serve as a chaplain here with so many other loving people.

Tara Green


As a member of Unity North Atlanta for 19 years, Tara is a former staff member who served as Program and Event Director for four years. She organized many of Unity North’s speaking events including those with Deepka Chopra, Wayne Dyer and Marianne Williamson. She and her husband Joel met at a UNA small group “Conscious Living Circle” in 2001. Tara is a communication professional with 20 years of writing, editing, and public relations experience, specializing in advertising copy. A Myers-Briggs INFP and Enneagram 9, Tara brings a love of harmonious connection and joy to her service as a Prayer Chaplain. Her favorite quote is one by Rumi: “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

Nancy James


Nancy James has been attending Unity North Atlanta for almost eighteen years. She has been an enthusiastic member for sixteen of those years, and a prayer chaplain for the past three. She credits UNA for helping her appreciate life and for daily celebrating her gratitude. Through taking numerous classes, listening intently to Sunday talks, and reading books often found in Unity’s own bookstore, Nancy has deepened her spiritual practice. Nothing, however, has been more important in her spiritual development than interactions with fellow members. It has been her great honor and privilege to serve as a chaplain to the Unity congregation. She asks that you allow our ministry to be of service to you.

Atiba Mwangi


Over 500,000,thousand years ago we all came from the Black mother,so we are all cousins, so when we are praying for some one we are praying with a family member.
I have been a prayer chaplain over 17 years,when asked for prayer I see you as God See’s You.

Lorelei Robbins


Lorelei has JOYfully called Unity North her spiritual home for almost 30 years. She has served on the Board of Directors, as a Chaplain, as part of the Ministry Leadership Team, and as a teacher at various age levels with the children. Lorelei has also shared her messages of enthusiasm, wisdom, and love in many Unity services. She is an ordained minister in the Universal Brotherhood.


Lorelei is a transformational teacher who has aligned her unique skills, gifts, and talents as a spiritual astrologer, counselor, interviewer and minister to create Robbins Cosmic Nest, PlayGround for the Soul Circles for individuals, families, and teams who work together, and Thank Your Lucky Stars: Conscious Business Solutions.


Lorelei believes that ‘JOY is the serious business of heaven’. More than anything, she loves to witness, celebrate and champion the authenticity, the genius, and the individualized expression of the Divine in everyone who crosses her path. She believes that when we share our unique gifts and talents in service to others, we feel a heightened sense of meaning, purpose and unbounded JOY.

Sharon Sommers 


Born in the mountains in the heart of WV, Sharon always knew she would one day leave and perhaps never return to the land so dearly loved, that had been her family’s since a land grant in the mid 1700’s.  She joked that she was a “Mountain William”, a “sophisticated hillbilly”, a mountain girl at heart, forever.  A love for the outdoors led her and her husband to trips camping from Cape Breton to Big Bend and from Victoria BC to Key West and many magnificent places between.


Sharon became an RN which to her was a ministry of caring for others.  Initially, she spent 4 years in ICU/CCU but changed directions and served for 30 years in home care in service to hospice patients, critically ill, high tech IV therapy, and Nurse Manager for a team of home IV therapy nurses.  They grew the business from $250,000/mo. to over $3,000,000/mo., during her last 8 years prior to retiring.


Growing up in an evangelical church, she knew there was something missing. She took classes in biblical studies, ministry development, sang in the choir, served as prayer chaplain, facilitated groups, in a Pentecostal church still searching for more.  She found Unity in the early 90’s, and became more committed when Rev Richard became pastor and her husband agreed it was a church to call home.  She has enjoyed helping in Camp North Star, Kid’s church, Family Promise and as a Prayer Chaplain for the last 2 years.