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Parents of Middleschoolers!

If you have a child in middle school and they haven’t been introduced to Uniteens yet, I want you to know that although we are not meeting in person during this time, we are still actively engaged in fun and learning!


Every week, I hand deliver a lesson packet to each child on our Uniteen roster. I cover a wide area, from Canton to Sandy Springs and everywhere in between! Some of the activities include family participation and the kids look forward to what I bring to them The Unity Principles are in play in everything we do, including the potato I put in each packet one week.


If your child is interested in being in Uniteens, even if it isn’t in a traditional way, message me, and I will get your information and include your child in my “route”!


Blessings, Suzie Burdick, Uniteens Coordinator, 916-761-7741

Welcome to the Uniteens Corner

If you are a middle schooler, we will be so happy to have you come and join in the fun we have in Uniteens.  We gather on Sundays starting at 11:00 am for fun activities and then start our class about 11:25 am.  We have a great time and learn how Unity Principles help us make great choices in our lives so we are less stressed, more loving and lovable, and able to cope with “life” as we experience it!


We will do our best to help you feel welcome and a part of our group.  We know for some of you it’s a bit scary to come to a new place, but I promise, you will have a great time, meet new friends, and even learn some tools to help you create your best life possible!  In Uniteens you are accepted for who you are and loved for the unique way you shine your God light!


The Uniteens have 3 retreats a year where we connect with other Uniteens from all over the region.  Two of them, winter and fall, are held at Camp Weed in Live Oak, Florida.  The summer retreat is hosted by one of the area churches.



We meet in the Serenity Room (previously known as Room 3, or the kids’ meditation room) on the lower level of the main building. It is the final door next to the Sanctuary stairwell.  Contact Suzie Burdick, Uniteens Coordinator.


Visiting Us for the First Time?

Download the Uniteens Information for Parents here

Suzie Burdick

Suzie Burdick

Uniteens Director

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