Calling all gardeners ~ Give Peas a Chance!

UNA Organic Garden

The vision we hold for the Unity North Organic Garden is to nurture Mother Earth and to grow friendships as a community of like-minded spiritual seekers. Our members work together as a team creating a sanctuary space that is welcoming to all. By implementing organic gardening practices woven with energy awareness, we strive to promote wholeness in body, mind, and spirit.

The organic garden season runs from mid-March through late fall. A membership sign-up period is conducted prior to the start of the garden season. Garden members fully fund the operation and provide the needed labors of love. Their efforts are rewarded with a shared bounty of fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

If you are interested in joining the organic garden community, watch for the spring sign-up event. You may also contact us for more information.

Ever mindful of the voice, breath and beauty of our cherished Mother Earth, we offer our thanks and respect to her as we loving plant, nurture, and harvest in the energetic circle of life.