Red RoseMembership at Unity North Atlanta Church is a wonderful journey towards a deeper understanding of Unity principles and ownership of our community.

Every great journey begins with the first step. Here at Unity North, your journey begins when you enter our doors. Our ministers and New Beginnings Team are here to greet you after each service and offer guidance, support, and answer any questions you may have about Unity North.

Our journey continues with a membership class designed to educate and inspire. The classes will help you grow and develop in a supportive and nurturing environment.

We ask that you demonstrate commitment and dedication to Unity North through giving of your time, talent, and treasure in a meaningful way, through sacred service and financial support.

Membership Sundays are held at least twice a year. Membership is required to vote at congregational meetings and to serve on the Board of Directors and Prayer Chaplain team.

If you are a current member, the Bylaws require you to verify  your membership each year if you want to vote at the Annual Business Meeting.