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Message from Rev. Richard

I am thrilled and delighted that you have chosen to pick up this Unity North Atlanta Business Directory. Inside you will find a multitude of crafters, artisans, practitioners, healers and skilled professionals who might just be exactly the person you’re looking for.

At Unity North we believe there are no accidents but only Divine appointments. Represented in this directory are Unity North friends and congregants who are willing to work hard to make your world a better place. I know and affirm that both you and the person you reach out to will benefit greatly from the connection.

In the meantime, I’d love to see you at any of our services to meet these wonderful people first-hand.    Come up to the front and say hi when you visit and let me know what connections have been made.

Thanks for taking a peek inside and for being open to the Divine appointment that awaits you!

In Gratitude and Joy,

Rev. Richard Burdick

ṳ   Indicates Unity North Member            ±   Indicates Intention To Tithe


Health and Wellness

Coaching and Healing

Financial and Business Services


Parenting and Education

Experiences and Events

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