Spiritual Gifts: Intuition

Open Your Mind, See What You Find

Rev. Tracey Quillen

Rev. Tracey Quillen

Ordained Unity Minister

Of all the powers of mind, Myrtle Fillmore, our co-founder of Unity, believed that intuition was the most valuable. “Intuition is the divine knowing faculty, knowing beyond question of doubt” what is for the highest and best knowing for, and of, oneself.[1] What does it mean to feel something down in your bones? Is this another way of saying intuition? Intuition is different from instinct. Instinct tends to refer to our animalistic nature, the flight, fight, or freeze pattern innately designed within us. Instinct is a reactive behavior and often a protective mechanism in response to certain behaviors in the elements, specifically those we might feel would cause us harm. 


Intuition is a deep sense of knowing. To follow your intuition is to follow that inner knowing place that often defies reason. It is that Divine Guidance that we in Unity tap into during our meditation time when we choose to silence the outside world and connect to that Spiritual Nature within.


When I chose to enter the path of becoming an ordained Unity minister, my son may have been the most perplexed family member, almost to the point of anger. The anger was probably his protective nature that wanted to make sure his mother was going to be ok, and let’s be honest, he was just at the beginning of his path and probably there was a sprinkling of energy that did not want the responsibility of “taking care of dear old mom.” He was flabbergasted that I left a senior management job in the banking industry to follow my spiritual calling. What I can say that is as true for me right now in this moment, as it was when I made the decision to enter ministerial school, is that there is an intuitive current within me. I call it the “river within” that says to me, “yes, it is time and it is right, keep going.” It is almost as if there is no other option. There is no other choice. Confirmations in the physical form continuously show up for me which strengthens my faith as a minister.


Have you ever been pursued by something intangible that you may have pushed aside but it is persistent and continues to show up for you? Maybe you push it aside again, but it is pesky and shows up again? It may even quiet down for a bit and you live your everyday life and sure enough, when you become quiet and still, there “it” is again, knocking on your door.

Knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7


This works both ways. It is not only when you are seeking Spirit, but when Spirit is seeking you. When Spirit is calling you, the knock will pursue until you open the door. As I follow my intuition, I witness an unfolding of support that defies practicality. It often defies reason. Support shows up that did not even exist in the physical form earlier. This is the magnificence to me of the intuitive nature. It goes beyond physical comprehension. It is a connection into something that exists in what I will call a Universal Flow, some may call God or Energy.


Following one’s intuition is not a time to analyze data or perform due diligence. It is a time of surrender and acceptance. Surrender is not defined by giving up, but in yielding to a Higher Power, an equivalency of resonance, something that is part of a larger vision, maybe even something that cannot be defined. Intuition is a feeling that goes deeper than definition. There are no concrete parameters and even the result may appear evasive or shrouded in a cloud. The acceptance is a gentle knowing that everything is in Divine Order. It takes faith to follow intuition.


Intuition calls on that universal energy of good that is supporting the very nature of our beings. Myrtle Fillmore would say, intuition gives guidance beyond the rational mind. There is no analytical thought process behind intuition. It is simply the ability to understand immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. “Intellect reasons, but intuition knows.”[2]

What if you are wrong? What if following your intuition does not create unicorns and rainbows? What if you follow this feeling beyond conscious reasoning and it does not work out? Open your mind and expand your consciousness. How do you know “it” did not work out? What did you learn along the way? Who did you meet along this path? What opportunities presented themselves? What did you experience that you never would have experienced if you had not said YES to your intuition?


We get so bogged down in everyday living. Is there really a yellow brick road that says this way to Oz? What if you do not want to go to Oz? What calls to you deep down in your soul to do? What are you waiting for? Who are you listening to?


I have a universe inside me
Where I can go and spirit guides me
There I can ask oh any question
I get the answers if I listen

– Sinead O’Connor, The Healing Room


If we truly believe that God is all there is, and that God is good, and we are an expression of that Divine Goodness, we are led to have the full experience of God if we will listen to that Inner Guidance. Bad or good are both human judgments. What is good for me may not be good for you. For me to follow my intuition and say yes to ministry was good for me. It may or may not be good for my son. Following your intuition may bring up fears for those you love. Then the question becomes, whose life are you living?


Ego life wants to maintain the status quo. The ego likes to maintain control, to stay where it is comfortable, where it has a knowing – why shake the boat? Because brilliance and creativity are born by shaking the boat. Value is added beyond measure to those who were willing to take a chance, to follow a voice beyond reason, to say yes when called.


Albert Einstein,

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. All great achievements of science must start from intuitive knowledge.


We all know of the immense achievements Albert Einstein made in the world of physics with his theory of relativity but what we may not know is that even with his Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921, Einstein’s work was challenged or even ignored as late as 1923. Einstein had broken unprecedented ground that went against a widely accepted theory amongst European physicists. The “collective” wanted to protect their status quo.[3]


Stepping into the unknown may be scary. It takes courage to hear that still small voice and say, “yes.” Intuition is a personal experience. When we connect to our place of Inner Knowing, we may receive a message how we might show up for another person, but it is still our message. When we let go of others’ preconceived notions and relax into what is available to us, the message will come. It may come in the form of words or it may come in just a feeling, a knowing of what is right for us. Intuition is our guidance. We must build our faith muscle in following such guidance.


Myrtle Fillmore says,

Those who understand the soul to be the total consciousness, the fruit of the individual entity’s experiences in unfolding and expressing what the Creator has given … realize that these leadings, or voices, which they intuitively know to be right and dependable, come from the innermost realms of the soul itself.[4]


What is your soul calling? What message resides deeply within you that is calling forth to be expressed? What delight awaits amongst the challenges? What are you ready to let go of to become more of whom you were always meant to be?

This is our Intuition, our Divine Guide, our Way-shower. This is the Divine Expression that we have come to be in this very place and time. This is the Power and the Presence within. And for this Intuitive Guidance, we say thank you God. Thank you, God. Amen.


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