Pumpkin Patch Volunteer Opportunities

Our “First-Ever” Unity North Pumpkin Patch will be held October 16-31, 2021. There are 181 volunteer service slots to be filled.This is information about what each Volunteer Task entails:

1. Setting up the Patch (Sunday, Oct.,10 after Second Service 1-2:30) is about putting 120 pallets on which the pumpkins will rest out in the “Patch” and setting up the sales tent with tables and chairs plus setting up the Photo Area. Trucks and wagons will be available.

2. Unloading the Pumpkins (Friday, Oct.,15, 3:30-6:00) will involve Volunteers passing the smaller pumpkins down a line to their resting place, using wagons and wheelbarrows for heavier pumpkins, raking the straw out of the delivery truck, sweeping or blowing out the delivery truck ,setting up the Photo Area, and spreading the straw for paths and displays.

3. Pumpkin Sales (Oct., 16-31) involves greeting shoppers, indicating a wagon for shopping, pointing out the Photo Area, measuring and pricing ($1.00 per inch) the pumpkins selected when they bring it to the sales tent, processing the financial transaction, giving the customer a handout about Unity North, and representing our Congregation. The sales “tent” provides shade and will have tables and chairs as well as water for volunteers available. Each Sales Volunteer will receive more specific instructions BEFORE their scheduled shift. Shifts are 2 or 3 hours depending on which you choose and there will be two people per shift. The Patch will close for inclement weather.

4. Breakdown the Patch (Monday, Nov.1, 10:00-1:00) includes returning pallets to the storage area, sorting which pumpkins can be given to food banks or given to zoos or farms for feed, raking up leftover straw, dismantling the Photo Area, taking down the sales tent, and general clean up of the area. Wagons and trucks will be available to assist with the tasks.

Please here and find some place to serve that suits your interest and ability.

Judith Johnson
Patch Manager

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