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Healing and Wholeness Video Series

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This is a four-part video lecture series by Rev. Richard Burdick discussing healing and wholeness.


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What is healing? Have you ever thought of yourself as a healer? Is healing physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual? What are the causes and effects of true healing? Topics include spiritual laws, Jesus’ tools for healing, consciousness, prayer, and meditation, Unity’s teachings around healing and wholeness, forgiveness, faith, oneness, the Divine Idea of Life, and much more.


Rev. Richard Burdick’s lecture is in four parts:

Session 1: Difference Between Healing and Wholeness In the first session, we define the difference between healing and wholeness. One is the destination, the other is the journey.

Session 2: Mind, Body, and Spirit as Energy – In this session, we explore the body, mind, and spirit as energy. As healers, our job is to move energy.

Session 3: Energetic Amplification – In this session, we discuss energetic amplification. When we come together in the name of spiritual truth, joining hearts and minds, something beautiful and wonderful happens. Wholeness unfolds with greater ease and grace. Individually and collectively.

Session 4: Turning Our Attention Back to God – In this session, we explore the idea that healing, and restoring wholeness, is turning our attention away from erroneous thinking and back to God. When appearances of dis-ease or unrest show up in our physical world, it is an indication that there is a disruption in the expression of our divinity.

2 reviews for Healing and Wholeness Video Series

  1. misty

    This class expanded my awareness of myself as a healer & gave me some useful insights into Unity principles. “Healing and Wholeness” gave me lots to think about. Thank you! — Nancy Daniell

  2. Mary Mwangi

    The class pushed me to think beyond the veil and unearth deep meaning of situations in my life. I will be replaying the video so that I can get the lesson to the cellular level. – Mary Mwangi

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