Prayer Chaplain Ministry

Myrtle Fillmore, co-founder of Unity, started the practice of positive prayer over 100 years ago.  Our Prayer Chaplains continue that practice, which is one of the foundations of Unity.


There are several ways to connect with your Prayer Chaplains here at Unity North!  


What is a Prayer Chaplain?

At Unity North, our Prayer Chaplains acknowledge and call on the Presence of God to work through and as you. They will lovingly listen and hold in confidence what you share. Together, with you, they will pray from the heart and affirm God’s good for you.


Where are our Prayer Chaplains?

  • – Our Prayer Chaplains hold sacred space every Sunday and Wednesday and are available for one-on-one prayer before and after services. 
  • – They also do the same for our quarterly Praying Paws service.
  • – They organize Unity North’s Day of Remembrance, Annual World Day of Prayer and the Burning Bowl Service on New Year’s Eve.
  • – They hold sacred space during Annual and Special Membership Meetings and other meetings as requested.
  • – The Chaplains make Wellness Calls to members of our congregation who have requested this monthly prayer check-in.
  • – They pray over and forward to Silent Unity the prayers that are placed in the Prayer Box in the Sanctuary
  • – They provide the opening prayer and the Prayer Requests every Sunday.


What are the requirements for becoming a Prayer Chaplain?

  • – Acknowledge and call on the presence of God
  • – Consistently and empathically listen
  • – Pray with others
  • – Maintain confidentiality
  • – Trust in God
  • – Demonstrate commitment to Unity’s teachings
  • – Demonstrate interest and respect for the well being of the congregations and your fellow – Prayer Chaplains
  • – Remain an active participant in the Ministry
  • – A member of Unity North Atlanta for at least one year

How do you become a Prayer Chaplain and what is the commitment?

  • – Training occurs twice a year, usually a Friday evening and an all-day Saturday
  • – The commitment is for one year
  • – All Chaplains are required to attend one training a year and one hour of training per month
  • Once you have successfully completed training:
    • – Maintain a personal prayer life
    • – Serve at 1-2 Sunday services per month
    • – Wellness Calling as needed (typically less than one hour per month)
    • – Participate in the organization of the Day of Remembrance, World Day of Prayer, and Burning Bowl Services
    • – Available as needed for Congregational Meetings
    • – Occasionally, with another Prayer Chaplain, assist the Spiritual Leader with visitations

To find out more about the Prayer Chaplain Ministry, contact Judy Demmer or Richard Burdick  


We would love to hear from you!


Meet the Prayer Chaplain Team here. 

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