Annual Membership Verification

The Unity North Annual Membership Meeting will take place March 21st. While the meeting is open to everyone, the UNA By-Laws require that Members validate their membership if they wish to vote at that meeting. If membership is not validated prior to the Annual Membership Meeting, that membership will be become inactive and all privileges of membership will be suspended.


If you are currently a Member, please fill out below and submit the form by March 14 to verify that you wish to continue your membership into 2021. Validating your membership ensures your ability to vote for new Board Members, changes to the By-Laws, or any issue requiring a vote by the membership.


It is important that each Member complete a separate Membership Form every year.


All information provided is confidential. We are in the process of updating our database, not only to verify membership but to make it useful. We will never share your personal information, but knowing age ranges, zip codes, and family sizes helps us to better understand the needs of our membership.


If you have any questions call us at 678-819-9100 ext 101 or contact us

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