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October 27 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

In this time of racial tension and cries for justice, Unity North continues its quest to be a solution-oriented environment.  By offering opportunities for dialogue and brainstorming we hope to create a unified consciousness of understanding and acceptance.  Our next round of dialogues will be on Oct. 27th when we have three different Affinity Groups sharing their experiences during these challenging times.


One group for men of color led by Eric Hampton entitled “Black Men United: Connecting the Dots to Form a Unified Voice.”  Another group for women of color will be led by Dr. Eugie Kirkpatrick and is entitled “Unbounded Women of Color with Many Voices: Having Our Say!”  The third group led by Rev. Richard Burdick is entitled “Building Bridges of Understanding:  A Dialogue for White Men and Women Seeking Racial Harmony.”   This third group will have a breakout session for men and women to have separate conversations.  Bio’s for moderators are below. Registration is required.


Facilitator Biographies


Eric Hampton 

Eric Hampton was born and raised to become a minister of music. He traveled from coast-to-coast performing as a band member and leader of a popular Christian brass band. He uses spoken word in the form of poetry to speak words of wisdom and inspiration.


Although he doesn’t give much thought to names and titles, Eric holds a Doctorate of Divinity. He devotes his passion to helping others through his company, Meditateology. It was founded with the concept of fusing meditation and psychology with a format geared towards achieving better mental health outcomes by implementing effective methodologies of the therapists’ understanding of their client’s rehabilitative capabilities. The focus of the organization is to promote self-help and inner mindfulness by elevating peaceful chakras and improving the quality of life through tranquil counseling services with the absence of biasness. He counsels both one on one and in group sessions in which he helps his clients develop deeper self-awareness and self-development through multiple inner mindfulness modalities. The practice of meditateology leads to a balance between one’s daily life and their spiritual path.


Eric is also a certified Reiki Master. He was recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center for his work towards the ongoing fight against hatred and intolerance in America. He is the founder of the Collective Awareness Group and Black Men United. He is the author of the book, Western Meditation Basics 101, and A Message To My Son. The release of his newest book entitled, Leaving Religion To Find God is being anxiously anticipated. Eric has appeared for several years on the AIB television show, Who Am I. He has moderated panel discussions on science vs. religion which featured prominent scientists, psychiatrists, and religious experts.


Eric was invited to speak to at-risk youth by Judge Teske of Clayton County on entrepreneurship and changing one’s life. He was also invited back by Judge Teske to speak to a group appointed by President Barack Obama to analyze the second chance program and to evaluate how to model this program for the President’s My Brother’s Keepers Initiative. Eric is the owner of All About You Car Wash and Detailing company where he has provided jobs for people through his multiple locations throughout the city of Atlanta.

Eric Hampton currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Pamela and is a well-respected Entrepreneur, Businessman, and Spiritual Counselor



Dr. Rev. Ugie Tindal-Kirkpatrick

Dr. Eugie Tindal-Kirkpatrick is a professional counselor and Ordained Minister providing Spiritual Psychotherapy and Inner Image Consulting services. She is a member of many professional organizations, an author, and managing partner with Universal Asset Solutions LLC. She was a featured guest on Oprah and Friends Satellite Radio with Dr. Maya Angelou. Dr. Kirkpatrick holds a Ph.D. from Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary in Tampa, Fla, an MLA and an MEd from the Johns Hopkins University, along with many professional certifications. Her life’s theme, ‘It’s all about love’, is the guiding principle in her mission to impart love and compassion to all she meets.”


As a member of the Board of Directors for Unity North, we have experienced Dr. Eugie as a speaker, group facilitator, and spiritual counselor. Her passion, intellect, and knowledge have been on full display in every area of our community. Her gift of insight has been demonstrated in her timely and thought-provoking messages which have been instrumental in helping us manage the waters of some difficult subjects. Her prayerful approach to the human condition has gently guided us through topics including racial bias, immigration, and conflict resolution. No matter the breadth of the divide, her kind hand, coupled with a strong commitment to social justice has created a deep sense of peace for which Unity North is grateful.



Rev. Richard Burdick

Rev. Richard Burdick is an ordained and licensed Unity and Interfaith Minister. As the Senior Minister of Unity North, he is committed to handling head-on, any energy that keeps us from the oneness we passionately teach. He is dedicated to using his skills as an experienced facilitator and advocate for spiritual truth and justice, to create honest and open dialogues that utilize spiritual principles to heal any divides within the field.


For 9 years, Burdick’s dedication to honest, authentic, and raw conversation, demonstrates his devotion to the power of Unity to bridge even the deepest divide. He is a leader who is willing to stand in the fire of disagreement with a clear vision and passion for what can be achieved when we remember that we belong to each other. He is a true believer that when we sit down at the table of possibility, understanding, compassion, and uncomfortableness long enough, that the peace we seek will be realized.


October 27
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
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Unity North Atlanta


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