Prayer for Personal Prosperity

If you would like to focus on creating financial prosperity in your life, we invite you to internalize the following affirmation/prayer each day.

Take a deep breath – Relax – Sense pure joy within – Feel as though financial prosperity already exists for you . . .

Treatment for Prosperity and Increased Income

Raymond Charles Barker


There is only one God, one Life, one Power, one Presence,

one Creative Cause throughout the Universe

and there is only one Substance, God.


The world around me, and I myself, am the Substance of God.


The world in which I live is a moving, fluid, flexible creation.

It is alive with the life, the abundance, and the richness of God.


I abide in this richness.

Mind created me to live and to live abundantly.

I accept this abundance today.

I am receptive to its circulation in my life in the form of money.

Money is God’s idea of circulation in my world of finance.

I accept this idea; I appreciate this idea.

Money is a blessing to me, and I am now prospered in it.

I let my old ideas of money go, and renew this idea of prosperity in my life

as God, as abundance, flowing through my life.


I am now free in money. 

I appreciate it, I give thanks for it, and I release my word to law,

knowing its action is already in place in Universal Mind.


And so it is!



Unexpected Income

Unexpected income simply means that there is an increase in money you are delighted to receive, but had not anticipated receiving at the time, from whomever or whatever the source.



In the spirit of the natural flow of energy surrounding abundance, Unity North would be grateful to have you donate 10% of any unexpected income you receive.


You can make a one-time Unexpected Income offering by clicking here.

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