Meet the 2021 Board of Director Candidates

Members will vote three new board members into office. Voting will take place online here and will run from March 7 – 21. 

Result of the vote will be announced at the Sunday service on March 28.

Tam Andrews

Born in Ferndale, MI, I spent most of my life living in various Detroit area suburbs. Not surprisingly my first good job was at an automobile supplier where I worked in lower-level jobs for a number of years until an opportunity came along and I found myself volunteering to implement Statistical Process Control throughout the facility which involved putting together a curriculum, teach classes, and oversee the program. It was my first experience in volunteering and I must say, it turned out well for me. When I retired in 2016 and moved to Little Rock, AR, we immediately began attending services at Unity of Little Rock continuing a Unity journey, which for me, had begun in the 1980’s. While there, a volunteer opportunity came along once again. This time I volunteered to be the music director when the position became available a short while after we began attending. And here I am, volunteering once again, because there’s a need, because I like to be of service. I love Unity because it’s a place that welcomes everyone and allows each individual to find their own way along their own spiritual path, as I have, as I continue my journey.

Nancy Daniell

I have a diverse professional background, ranging from contract legal administrative assistance & several years in the marketing & advertising corporate arena, to offering tarot readings at local metaphysical shops. I’ve studied numerous spiritual paths & experienced many of their practices. Along the way, I’ve also raised 2 sons who are now married & have given me a total of 8 beautiful grandchildren. (Happy to show off pictures anytime, btw!)

‘Coming home’ to Unity in my senior years has been a great comfort & joy. I am grateful to be able to give back what has been so freely given to me in this loving, diverse spiritual community.

Judith Johnson

I came to Unity North by “happy circumstance” and found a place of service that suited my personal philosophy and gave me an opportunity to use my skills and connect with like-minded souls who support my growth and expansion.  My personal vision is “to give love and receive love wherever I am” and I believe I can do that successfully as a Unity North Board Member.  I have been volunteering at and attending Unity North for about 5 1/2 years and have been a contributing member for 4 1/2 years.  I am eager to take my “next steps” of service to Unity North and the Community.  

Jennie Langer

I was raised in a New Thought church as a child and deeply grounded in those principles. I began attending UNA in 2003. My work as a senior executive in both start-up and global software companies has sharpened and balanced my skills with strategic planning, leadership, and innovation. My passion is building high-functioning teams, leadership development, and encouraging personal growth. Today I have transformed my life to self-employment (as a real estate investor) and to Service. I am a current UNA Board member – and have held the roles of Treasurer and Chair. Prior to my Board service, I have been a member of the Unity North Finance Committee led an all-volunteer Pledge Committee who raised more than $500,000 in Capital Campaign pledges, helped coordinate the last 3 Thanksgiving celebrations, and led many small groups at UNA

Kim Strickland

I am a math educator who currently works online. I have homeschooled my three sons for the last fifteen years. I have a doctorate in natural health. I enjoy traveling, camping, hiking, exercising, playing games, cooking, all aspects of education including learning, and serving my community.


I have attended UNA since 2017. Beginning in 2000, I attended Unity of Kennesaw where I was a board member for six years, youth director, co-leader of the women’s group, and head of the ministerial search committee. My boys participate in the Unikids, Uniteens, and YOU Programs here at UNA. I has actively participated in the Uniteen lessons since Sept 2020 when they were delivered weekly. I served on the Finance Committee and participated in the capital campaign.  I also co-led a Spiritual Connections group. I have been helping to prepare the church for reopening by setting up the sanctuary, cleaning closets, and doing whatever is needed. I have helped with food distribution on Wednesdays.  I hope to be able to serve the UNA community in a greater capacity by being on the board.

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