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Tagline, A positive path for spiritual living

Unity North Atlanta is a community that supports diverse journeys of personal and  spiritual growth.  We have served North Atlanta for over 30 years.  


We believe…

  • – God is in everything and everywhere
  • – God’s Divinity is in everyone
  • – We co-create our life with God, creating reality through our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs
  • – Through prayer and meditation, we align our heart-mind with God
  • – Through thoughts, words, and actions, we live the Truth we know

Unity North accepts where you are on your journey. We endeavor to inspire and empower you to go beyond limiting beliefs and see the Divinity in all people and situations.  


The Unity family comes together each week with services on Sunday at 9:00 am and 11:15 am and Wednesday at 7:00 pm.


We also have over 30 service ministries to encourage you to share your talents and become involved with the community. 

Our Mission Statement

To recognize, demonstrate, and share the Divinity in each of us.

Our Values

Unconditional Love

This is our core and at the center of everything we value at Unity North Atlanta.


We acknowledge that everyone is a unique expression of God.


We embrace the connection that unites us, creating a place of belonging.


Our differences are a source of our strength and create opportunities to learn from one another.


We celebrate God, honor the Divinity within each person, and acknowledge our oneness through living the Truth principles.


We eagerly and joyfully serve each other, our families, and our community.

Our Core Intentions

Body Mind Spirit

Sustain wellness of body, mind, and spirit 


Clearly communicate the purpose, direction, and programs of Unity North Atlanta 


Cultivate the reverence for Mother Earth


Honor all paths to God


Live in a consciousness of prosperity


Engage community through the use of technology


Enrich, educate, and empower the youth

Unity's 5 Basic Principles
  1. 1) There is One Power, One Source – God.  
  2. 2) God and I are One. You and God are One. You and I are One.
  3. 3) I create my reality through my thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and faith.
  4. 4) Through affirmative prayer and meditation, I attune to the One.
  5. 5) The truth I know is the truth I live.
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