Please join us for our Sunday Services in the Sanctuary!

RichardRev. Richard Burdick

Spiritual Leader

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9:00 am

Contemplative Service

A quieter, smaller service 

11:15 am

Celebration Service

With the entire Unity North Band and featured guest musicians

Upcoming Services

July 1: “A Recipe for Manifestation”

Rev. Richard Burdick

July 8: “New Eyes”

Rev. Richard Burdick

July 15, 1st Service: “The Gifts of Forgiveness and Love”

Rev. Steve Bolen

July 15, 2nd Service: “Meaningful Coincidences”

Rev. Jesse Herriott

July 22, 1st Service: “The Gifts of Joy and Happiness”

Rev. Steve Bolen

July 22, 2nd Service: “Vital Signs:  The Nature and Nurture of Passion”

Gregg Levoy

July 29, 1st Service: “The Gifts of Peace and Confidence”

Rev. Steve Bolen

July 29, 2nd Service: “Was Myrtle Right?” – Healing and Wholeness Service

Jennie Scott, L.U.T. and Dr. Robert Love