Today I find myself remembering the Divine Idea that there is no such thing as private good or private suffering.  In this life of oneness that we study and profess, we are surrounded by opportunities to be reminded that we are intrinsically linked and spiritually inseparable.

That’s an easy concept to integrate at the level of the heart, but one that finds resistance when it meets a human ego which has grown comfortable with the idea of duality.  The reason I pondered this today is that I was confronted with a personal feeling that something was being taken away from me.  Aha, opportunity to grow!  There’s no need for details here but only the need to recognize that as I continue to stretch myself spiritually, I will inevitably come up against my growing edges.  Today was one of my growing edges. I was a bit frustrated with my momentary human response but also grateful for the reminder that there is still more for me to learn.  In truth, if we are not living life on the edge we are taking up too much space.

on the edgeIt is spiritual truth that there is only One Power and One Presence in the universe. We belong to the One and It belongs to us.  From this consciousness your win becomes my win and your loss is equally shared by me.  Scripture tells us that where two or more are gathered in the name of the Christ spirit, the Divine Idea of the perfect human is present.   When I join you at the point of your blessing, it does not subtract from the infinite supply of blessings available to me, but opens a portal of consciousness for both of us to receive even greater blessings.   When I consciously and compassionately join you in the midst of your human darkness, I have created a possibility that there will be less darkness in the future for all; that “all” includes me.

Today I am grateful to have the reminder and to invite you into the same consciousness.  Every blessing and every human failure is a Holy experience and as we remain awake to the truth that there is no private good, there will be spiritual increase for all!  Welcome to the edge!

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