For my blog this week I would like to share some lyrics I wrote several years back.  I chose these lyrics because they speak to the infinite pool of potentiality that Unity North is swimming in right now.  For those that haven’t yet jumped into the deep end, I invite you to read these lyrics and consider joining us on this amazing adventure of discovery and transcendence.  Defined by our vigilant focus on spiritual truth we are living in the upper room of consciousness and experiencing God like never before.  I thank all of you for your part in what is beautifully unfolding at Unity North!

Out beyond horizons of thought and space and time
Is a place where mystics play, a place beyond our minds.
Far beyond our senses but still within our reach
We’ll find there is a window to all life’s mysteries.
A place of co-creation, the home of the “I Am”
A place of purest being beyond the words of man.
Let’s travel there together and know that we will find
A home of true nirvana in the eyes of the Divine.

And we shall know God, beauty and forgiveness, unity and love.

Out beyond the limits defining me and you
We’ll follow all the paths leading everyone to truth.
We shall be awakened to the possibility that the God that we are seeking, lives in you and me.
God is just as big as we’re willing God to be. Let’s wake up to the vastness of this new reality.
There is endless power beyond sight and smell and sound
Waiting for discovery, waiting to be found

And we shall know God, beauty and forgiveness, unity and love.
We shall know love. We shall know each other. We shall know God.

know god

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