“Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity.”  ~  Psalms 133

Yes, dwelling together, learning, creating, and growing together is pleasant, good, fulfilling, uplifting, and empowering.  It can also be challenging, difficult, and frustrating at times.  What makes the difference?  Consciousness!!!  Oneness!!! Attitude!!!  Aaaaaaand…….a willingness to push through any difficulty to the good that is always waiting for discovery!  The rewards and benefits of the effort are worth it.  I thank you for your consciousness and for always seeing the good that comes with “dwelling together in unity.”

Thank you for the sweat equity, financial support, and tireless hours of dedication that help our team thrive.    All of it has (and all of you have) allowed UNA to blossom into a higher state of being and moved us individually and collectively into a deeper awareness of spiritual being.  As we grow in community, we cannot help but grow individually.  One of the greatest benefits of community is the truth that, as it is for the whole it is for the one, and as it is for the one it will be for the whole.   I am thankful for the diligent and consistent efforts of this congregation that allow the good and pleasant to be realized, even when challenges arise.

Purple martinRecently, in Blue Ridge, GA, I witnessed a beautiful community of purple martins all gathered around a central bird house hotel; their song was beautiful, their cooperation was evident, and their joy in being together very visible.  That beauty, cooperation and joy is a natural state….our natural state.    I also noticed times of disagreement as the martin’s songs briefly segued into squawk, and joy momentarily crescendoed into flying feathers. I’m not sure this is any less natural for the birds or us.  The interruption didn’t last long but it happened.  In life, whether bird or human, these moments present themselves.  It’s all part of being in community. If we bring a consciousness of oneness to the disagreements, they quickly resolve and we have a more cohesive community on the other side.  Keep singing….and singing loudly.  Keep cooperating and do it consciously.  Keep dwelling together in unity and know how thankful I am to each of you for this great adventure of spiritual community.  Sometimes we resemble a great big bird house hotel and that’s good, for no matter what comes our way, the song always continues!  Have a blessed week.   ~ Richard

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