I used to measure life only by moments of great accomplishment and achievement.  Life quickly descended into an unfulfilling exercise of merely reaching one destination after another.  This was a sure way to miss a boatload of good and a dangerous path toward becoming a junkie forever seeking my next emotional fix.  Without the highs I easily descended into a consciousness of monotony where gratitude for the moment was practically non-existent.  Today I am grateful for the friends, family, and mentors who reminded me of the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson who brilliantly wrote, “Life is a journey, not a destination.”  Hopefully my words today will serve as a reminder to you.

journeyLife is not about how big we are living, how many check marks or stars we earn, or how many finish lines we cross.  Life is about knowing that miracles are happening with every breath, heart beat, and blink of our eyes.  Life is a pilgrimage, fully experienced with the awareness that every twist, turn, and detour contains the potential of being a sacred experience.  Great lives are built on the foundations of seemingly insignificant moments, words, actions, and experiences that are too easily missed by those who only see value in the end result.  Every moment viewed rightly and elevated to equal status with the destination becomes the activity of God.

Think of your life as a juicy, sexy, and intriguing romance novel full of exciting adventures! Forgive the crude metaphor, but there are moments in the book that will be “dog-eared” because they represent climactic moments of orgasmic awakening. Those dog-eared pages cannot and do not happen without the 20 – 30 pages of foreplay happening beforehand.  Life doesn’t just happen on the dog-eared pages.

We must discover that the most important moments in community are not the big songs, the impassioned sermons, or the “big name” events. True community is not big holiday services or packed workshops but the day to day little acts of love that happen in the spaces. God is happening in the hallways, the foyer, the garden, the parking lot, and the administration building as one conversation at a time, we are revealing God in and as our collective journey.  Our individual lives are equally blessed by valleys as well as mountains and equally anointed by the stillness that precedes the AHA!

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