As we approach Easter week, often known as the week that changed the world, we cannot help but notice the signs heralding its arrival.  Crosses adorned with purple sashes dot the landscape at every turn, and stores exploding with bright pastel eggs and candy cannot be avoided.  It all begs that we once again answer the question from our Unity perspective….what is Easter all about?   Is it about crosses, sashes, caves, and stones?  Is it about colored eggs, bunnies, candy, and family gatherings? Yes, it’s about all this and so much more.   These things are wonderful symbols of the energy behind and beneath the Easter celebration. Symbols that remind us of the courage demonstrated by one man who pointed us all in the direction of the overcoming power of the Christ Spirit; a Christ Sprit of courage that lives within and as all of us; courage to walk through the fires of human experience; courage to speak our truth in the face of popular opinion; courage to face our human need for fight or flight; courage to die to old patterns, ideas, and habits; and courage to open ourselves to the greater plan of God.

Jesus, a human being just like you and me was called to change things…to change culture….to teach new concepts… bring a new consciousness.  For this spiritual awakening to happen he knew he had been called to be a rebel and a maverick, for not only were carts in the temple having to be turned over but the carts of collective human consciousness that held negative and limited ideas of God as well.   That took guts!  That took courage.  Jesus was called by Divine appointment to be a conduit for change. So are we.

Easter, crucifixion, and resurrection are not one time historical events experienced by Jesus. They are daily calls to elevate consciousness.  They are everyday human experiences of courageously shedding the “personality” of our humanness and realizing the “individuality” of how we uniquely express the Christ. It is our moment to moment call to move away from the question, “Who are we?” and into the question, “What are we?”  And what are we?  The living embodiment of life, love and light endowed with all the beauty, power and wisdom needed to elevate the collective human vibration.

Easter eggsThis knowledge and our awareness of this truth is ever expanding, so the spiritual life becomes an on-going relationship with courage and not just a onetime act of faith; courage to stretch; courage to grow; courage to challenge.  It means we must enter into the ever-evolving mystery that is life itself, the ever-evolving mystery of the spirit that is you, and the ever-changing paradigm of what we all are as one.  That takes Chutzpah!  So whether the sash adorning the cross is purple, white, or black, it is a symbol of the powerful call of God within us for change.  Whether the Easter egg is green, pink, or orange, it is a symbol of rebirth, rediscovery, and reawakening.  Whether the spring attire is lavender, yellow, or teal, let it serve to remind us that like Jesus, we are called to be a conduit for a greater expression of God.

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