I stand today fulfilled and enriched because I have a regular practice of meditation, prayer, and stillness.  The foundation of prayer that Unity has offered me has created an awareness of the ever-present access I have to the Infinite.  I dance with God daily and regularly take time to remember the intrinsic Oneness that cannot and never will be severed.  In this knowledge and practice, I have gained insight that could come through no other avenue and have revealed truths about myself and life that could not have been gained through any other medium.   From the highest Christ consciousness and regular visitation to that “sacred place of the most high,” I have remembered and developed the innate ability to behold God beneath the level of human limitation and condition.

stillnessThere is no class or experience that can open this portal to the same degree, for it is activated through the practice of coming to the altar of “being” that transcends thought and experience.  My reasoning mind and earthly journey are human constructs that cannot reveal the highest truth found through silence, mediation, and prayer.   I believe we are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience, and the human experience often keeps us from remembering this truth.  The master teacher Jesus might remind us at this point that we are in this world but not of it!  It is only through the diligent and regular practice of quiet remembering that I have been able to gain access to the wisdom behind the knowledge, the love behind the human relationships, and the insights behind the mind.  This view transcends my human knowing and this practice opens up abilities and perspectives that are Absolute in their nature.   I have had revealed to me in the stillness, Divine ideas which have allowed me to lead with greater compassion, guide with less attachment, and resolve conflict without defensiveness.

The practice of “being” has helped me overcome challenge, move past difficulty, and access my own Christ abilitiesIn a nutshell, by swimming in the silent pool of spiritual awareness I am more myself and less human illusion.  Revelation through prayer has been and always will be the most direct line to the highest and best life.

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