I just got back from California and it feels so good to be home.  Even in its drought season California is beautiful, but there is nothing like the landscape of “home” to remind us how blessed we are to have it!  During our travels, Suzie and I covered many miles that included beaches, mountains, deserts, and farms. Each one of them was uniquely inspiring and meaningful.  We also covered many miles of relationship with family and friends both familiar and new that were equally as rich.  Each meeting had a special warmth to it and we are grateful for each opportunity to reconnect.

Home Sweet HomeThat said, nothing compares with the feeling of coming back to home base.   Nothing is quite as sweet as remembering that the exciting landscapes of relationship here at Unity North are perhaps the most inspiring.  It’s often said that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I can testify to the truth of that statement.  I am so grateful for our spiritual community and for the wonderful and fulfilling relationships that dot the landscape of our home.  Each one of these relationships has the same potential of warmth and beauty that we find in our closest friendships and favorite vacation spots.  Thank you God we don’t have to travel to California or anywhere in this world to realize the incredible miracle of life.   At Unity, we are a unique and powerful group of individuals who create possibility and joy like nowhere else on earth.  Each one of us is a vital part of a wonderful whole that is the most beautiful destination we could ever desire.  I can’t think of anywhere on this earth that I have been that is any greater with opportunities to witness life’s goodness.  God is no less present here than anywhere on earth!   Let’s each take a moment to remember how blessed we are and how fortunate we are to have a spiritual community like Unity North.  I invite you to fully participate, soak up the goodness of our community and bring the fullness of what you have to offer to the Unity North adventure.

Mark your calendar for the next three Sunday lessons where I will share some stories from California that planted in my heart a greater sense of gratitude for our Unity North home.  On July 12th I will share about the importance of giving voice to the good in our lives.  On July 19th we will remember the importance of embracing the miracle of every breath, and on July 26th we will reflect on the power of community that allows us a view from the mountain top that can only be reached together!  Thank you Unity North for being such a rich and fertile land in which we can grow, learn, and awaken!

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