This holiday season I have adopted a challenge and one that isn’t easy even in less busy times. (But worth the attempt.)  Here it is… my life, my mind, my heart, my home, and my church will be a no-drama zone!  No anxiety, no judgment, no conflict, no need, and no stress.  So far, so good… 9 days in and counting!

The holidays are rampant with bustle, crowds, lights, obligations, and opportunities to get caught up in personal human drama.   None of it has anything to do with the season.   Yes, Christmas, like all the other holidays at this time of year, is a dramatic celebration, but something tells me that Jerry Springer was not one of the wise men in Bethlehem.  The humble image of the stable in my head is a scene of angelic joy, peaceful pastures, and methodical journeys that lead me to a greater realization of my Christ nature.  It doesn’t matter if the story is historically accurate or fantasy, for it is a serene tradition that brings me peace and harmony when I keep my focus clear.  Unfortunately, drama is also a tradition found in many homes and minds.  (Guilty as charged.)  No more!  This time I’m done with “drama” for at least rest of the month… and hopefully beyond.   This is one tradition I am choosing to discontinue and to no longer carry on the shelves of my mind anymore.

As I sit down to write tonight I’ve got a fire in the fireplace, candlelight around the room, carols playing from the loft, and a house that’s straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting.  (Thank you Suzie.)  I don’t want to waste one minute of this magical opportunity worrying about things, people, experiences, and tasks that keep me from knowing how blessed I am.  As you read this, join me in taking stock of the good in your life…even if it feels small and insignificant.  Praise it, give thanks and take an action of love, kindness, and compassion.  Drama can’t exist in the presence of these Divine Ideas.   This year join me in establishing a new pattern and habit… when someone ticks you off… stop, breathe, and choose love, not drama.  When you find yourself racing the clock to meet all your obligations… stop… take a mini-Sabbath and choose love, not drama.  If you experience any feelings of sadness, regret or loneliness… stop… take a breath and then go do something loving for someone… anyone… yourself!  It’s good medicine.  Together we will change the holiday mantra that resembles the chant “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry” into one that looks more like the very grateful Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit…”God bless us everyone!”


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