This Sunday I am excited that once again I will be sharing the platform with our Y.O.U. (High School) graduates. It’s Mother’s Day and Graduation Sunday all at the same time so I promise a powerfully moving service.  The topic we are sharing is “To Tell the Truth.”

earAt the Y.O.U. rallies every year our teens have a moving experience called “Truth Talks” where the dialogue gets very deep, powerful, and real. At these talks teens are given the mic, while others in an attitude of receptivity and openness, put on their listening ears.  Every time God happens, oneness happens, and new insights are discovered.   Every time tears are shed, laughter is enjoyed, wisdom is gathered, and acceptance is the overarching energy that fills the room and every heart.   I invite you to put on your “listening ears” and join us for that kind of experience this Sunday.

Every mother throughout history has instructed their children to tell the truth.  My mother in fact told me that if I didn’t tell the truth my tongue would develop boils. ☺  I’m not sure I agree with her methods, but my mother, like most, understood that telling the truth not only avoids a lot of heartache but  invites in a whole lot of good.  We as adult spiritual seekers could benefit from remembering this advice today.  What fears have kept us from speaking our truth?  What fears have caused us to swallow our truth?  What new insight is being missed because we fear it might be rejected or ignored?  The real question at the bottom of all of it is, does truth guide our life or fear?   Every year I marvel at the vulnerability of our graduates who seem to answer this question more easily than I do.   This will be the question we ask ourselves this Sunday.   As mothers of our own reality it is important to take the time to regularly look deep and rededicate ourselves to the discovery of (capital T) TRUTH found through a willingness to share our (little t) truth.  That kind of vulnerability and honesty await you this Sunday.

The beautiful music of one of our moms, Cindy Lou Harrington, will delight your listening ears.  A special story by another mom, Pam Brooks-Crump, will move your listening ears. Our teens, through our listening ears will open our minds to a place to truth connects us in a place of Unity.

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