Today the question of my heart is one of identity.    Have I identified myself with the material world, the carnal mind, and the ego-centric focus that resembles the hungry ghost of Buddhist tradition?  This kind of consciousness is never satisfied and is forever striving for the next “physical manifestation” to assuage my longings.  I would love to say no, I never anchor there, yet there are days!  I’m just saying.

IdentityIs my life driven by the traditional trappings of human striving that includes things, experiences, relationships, titles, numbers, and tasks where I am only fulfilled when everything and everyone shows up to meet my expectations? I’m better than I used to be, yet I am still human and continue to fall asleep occasionally.  Today I am awake, thank you God!

We live in a pathological human system of measurement whereby expectations easily become the basis of success or failure.  Pay attention!   I use the word pathology very purposefully because by our very foundational spiritual teachings, these attachments are a disease that blocks our minds from the awareness of the oneness we desire.  In truth, oneness is present whether we are awake or not, but it will only be found in the world of Cause.  The dis-ease that emerges when we attach ourselves to the world of effects blinds us to Cause and to what is real, absolute, and true; God!   The good news is we are only one thought away from seeing clearly again.

As a church community the “dog days of summer” inevitably cause us to confront numbers.  Likewise, as we head in to the typical rising of numbers that happens in the fall (pun intended) you can almost hear a collective sigh of relief from your staff and board.  In truth, the numbers in July, September, or any other month for that matter never will define us unless we let them.  Numbers are only effects and God is the eternal Source of the good that is ever present at Unity North.  God is also the One, ever-present and Only Source of good in your life.   I am delighted to say that your leadership has been and remains today unshakably focused on God as our Source!   I am proud to say that as a community centered on spiritual truth that we are doing really well!  I am convicted in knowing this same truth for each of you!

As we remain mindfully and prayerfully grounded in the realm of the Absolute, evidence will show up everywhere! When it does, stay centered on Cause, lest you fall back into the pathological allure of the sensory world!   Let us remain unwaveringly defined by spiritual truth that operates at the level of our conscious oneness with the Infinite.  The rest is all icing on the cake.   I’m holding that truth for you as I hold it for myself and our church!

My prayer is that you will join me in staying awake to our eternal supply, centered on the limitless activity of God……everywhere…..all the time!   I thank you for your consciousness, your dedication, your generosity, and your commitment to being the very portal through which we remain anchored to God, which will always be our individual and collective identity!  Have a blessed week!

Rev. Richard

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