Sitting in class today at Unity Village I kept hearing in my head the phrase, “I didn’t know what I didn’t know!”  I suppose that is part of the hidden curriculum I am supposed to be digesting so I will say, “Thank you God for the awareness of my blindness!”

How many of us have ever had that “aha” moment where we realized that we had been living in a void, surrounded by great insight and information but completely unaware of it? It can be humbling, but it can also be a most empowering awareness.

seeing the lightI believe it’s moments like these where something within, beyond our humanness, opens up and is set free.  It may be a long-forgotten truth remembered or an enlightened awareness that was never present until that moment.  It can be sparked by a word, an idea, a feeling, a relationship, or an experience, and it can be stirred by moments of fear, sadness, and even anger.  Luckily for me, today the spark was laughter and an impassioned dialogue!  Whatever the catalyst, I believe it is a sign of a diminishing ego and increased understanding of the vastness of God and life!   It is a symbol of a soul that is open to new horizons, new thoughts, new ways of looking at life, and new ways of understanding the vast infinite universe we live in.  I call that good!

For those of us who can ride the wave when it crests, it will inevitably involve releasing old habits and patterns that no longer serve us.  For those on a sincere spiritual path it becomes a wonderful sign that our faith has not become stagnant and that we are still growing  (Our topic for March 22nd by the way – hope to see you there).  For those mired in a need to look good, be right, or to win, it can easily become a threat to our very existence.  I challenge you today to view the “not knowing” as your greatest opportunity to evolve.  I invite you to look at your blind spots with compassion and excitement as you see them as magnificent opportunities to stretch yourself into ever more miraculous versions of your true self!  Say “Thank you God” for the temporary blindness.  Embrace the next step on your journey and know that the awareness has just brought you one step closer to home!  You didn’t know what you didn’t know?  Good for you!  Now you know it!

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