I’ve heard it said that the only bible some people will ever read will be your life.  Today I want to take a moment to bear witness to some amazing “reads” in our midst.  We are a magnificent collection of talented, dedicated, brave, and creative spiritual power houses!  As we all focus on the wealth of goodness that surrounds us the blessings increase and increase and increase……Gratitude is creative and thankfulness is the foundation and fuel that will allow us to soar!

Candy heartsI am grateful for Linda McGrew who is always one of the first to put her hand up when there is a call.

I am thankful for Julie Boniger, Roni Sermons. and Bonnie Martin who are demonstrating grace and strength as they walk back into the full realization of perfect health.

I’m giving a standing ovation for the care and compassion of Dawn Gowing who literally saved a life last week.

Thank you God for Linda Minnick and her dedication to excellence and abundance.

How blessed we are to have Rusty Morgan who creates, directs, implements, and follows through with every commitment while at the same time reminding us to laugh.

Jay Scholfield, Caryn Lane, Gregg Raduka, and Don Jones, you are some of my heroes!

Karen Trostle, you bring joy every time you’re here!

Tim Bowen, you rock the house on the B-3 and you rock the house with your dedication to the music and sound at Unity North.  Dave Patterson and Barry Sermons – you too!

Julie Steele, Barbara Joy,  and Marguerite Rooney – thanks for always reminding us that community is the most important reason we come together!

Jennie Scott, your dedication to Family Promise is an example of Christ being.

Elsie Poulin, your heart is a blessing to all of us.

Kudos to our board, staff, and finance team for your tireless hours of service.

These are just a few examples of the “Bibles” Unity North gets to read every day.  There’s too many to mention here.  Please know that every one of you makes a difference and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the countless ways you make our community what it is!   Beyond budgets, numbers, programs, and events we are an ever evolving demonstration of what it means to be a spiritual family.   Join me in praising the good when you see it!  Join me in having grateful eyes, ears, and hearts that look and listen deeply into the UNA experience with great appreciation.  It is this very practice and consciousness that will elevate us to the highest experience and expression of the vast miracle that is love!  How sweet it is!

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