Lately I have been having a lot of interesting dialogues about the Holy Trinity, so I thought for this blog I would attempt a brief brain dump on the subject. That is a tall order… but here I go.

Many of us grew up with the comforting idea of the Father, Son,and Holy Spirit as the “three in one” and as the framework of our belief system.  Others of us have no relationship to this great Triune other than wanting to run for the hills the minute It is brought up in conversation.  Please don’t run or shut off the computer before I take a moment to introduce Unity’s version of this great Triad of power.

In Unity we call this system of creation Divine Order and the names for the perspective energies of creation are Divine Mind, Divine Idea,  and Expression.  Divine Mind is the One Source, One Power, and one Essence that has been since the beginning of time.  In the beginning was Divine Mind and only Divine Mind.  We often refer to this Mind as God, Divine Substance, or as the One, and it only exists in the Absolute realm of spirit.

big bangIn the beginning, this Divine Substance had a self-contemplative thought, and out of “Itself,” life sprang forth.  All life! You can call this the big bang if you like, but I prefer to call it the natural by-product of Life longing for “Itself.”  In Unity, that original thought and the infinite number of thoughts that followed are called Divine Ideas.  I liken these Divine Ideas to the Holy Spirit.  (You can see that the order has shifted a little.) At this stage of creation, the Holy movement and potential of Spirit has not yet been realized in manifest form but only exists as Divine possibility.  Everything in life is based upon a Divine Idea that finds power and strength in the One Divine Mind.  All experiences, relationships, thoughts, and life have back of them a Divine Idea born in and as perfection.  Our job is to seek this Holy Spirit of potentiality no matter what is before us.  Back of a diagnosis will always be the Divine Idea of Health.  Back of all relationships, no matter how we have judged them, is the Divine Idea of Love.  Back of all earthly experiences are beautiful and perfect spiritual ideas that are either forgotten or remembered.  Our job is to remember and to remain awake to the Holy Spirit of Ideas that keep us attuned to God, or Divine Mind.

Our ability to do so will determine the experience or “Expression” we have as we walk this earthly adventure.  The expression, the Son, or offspring of Divine Idea is our biggest responsibility as spiritual students. We have inherited the ability to BE the Son by consciously bringing into manifestation every idea born in the Mind of God.  Through free will (grace), it is our job to use Divine Order to manifest the life we desire. (By the way, each one of us is spiritually a Divine Idea, no less than any of the great masters.)

This system of creation is the very method by which we create Heaven on earth.  As Absolute and unwavering law, it is our greatest method for creating.  It is the way that we craft Divine Substance and Divine Ideas into expression.

So if you haven’t run from your computer yet, I invite you to spend a few extra moments in meditation this week to remember that you are part of a magnificent system of creation known as the Holy Trinity!

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