The longer I am in ministry the more I realize what a blessed childhood I had.  Today I am most grateful for my grandparents who were and still are my heroes.  Grandpa and Grandma Buck were two of the hardest working, most ethical and honorable people I have ever known. One of the lessons my grandfather taught me was the integrity of a handshake.   Everyone who worked with him knew that his handshake was his bond and nothing would keep him from fulfilling his promise.  As a child I was very proud of this character trait and as an adult I’ve done my best to emulate his example.

handshakeEach one of us has a similar contract.  Picture the painting by Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel of God and Adam touching hands.  That painting is a representative for me of the contract that we all have with God.    I’m not speaking of a contract with an ominous bearded old man making sure we fulfill our obligations, but rather of an internal handshake with source energy; a sacred applying of spiritual law that says we will take the gifts we have been given and generously use them to fulfill whatever Divine purpose is ours to fulfill. None of us are here by accident but for a Divine purpose. Our contract is to discover that purpose and then deliver; not half way, but completely.

My grandmother had a few lessons of her own.  She was as tough as nails, and until she was 94 years old she was out irrigating the walnut orchards as well as any man.  What she taught me was to not only follow through with my promises but to always give my best. In our sacred contract with God, we are given the best of everything.  It is our spiritual commission to give our best in return.  This is spiritual law. If we give only half effort we get only half the good the universe offers in exchange.  When operating out of spiritual mediocrity, the world hands us mediocrity back.  Giving less than our best we energetically pull back from our Divine relationship and thus “experience” less God; not because God is any less available but because we have broken a sacred contract. Many have said we are not punished for our sins, but by them.  Unity teaches us that sin is simply the failure to fully express the attributes of Spiritual being which include love, life, light and magnificence which is our sacred contract.  My invitation and challenge for this week is for each of us to daily go into the silence, renew our contracts, share a handshake with the Infinite, and commit to the highest expression of love, life, light, and magnificence that we truly are!  When we do there is no shortage of the good we can create.  Somewhere I can feel my grandparents smiling!

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