I just flew in from Ireland….and boy are my arms tired!

Cliffs of MoherThe arms may be tired but the spirit is full.  I am so grateful for a renewed sense of the sacred, for my magnificent fellow travelers, and for the good that comes from entering the unknown.   In Ireland I stood at the precipice of awe inspiring ocean cliffs, on ground steeped with rich spiritual history, and hallowed territory within and without.  I also witnessed the divisions that happen when mankind allows politics, religion, money, and power to get in the way of the sacred.  I asked a native Irishman at some point, “Since Protestants and Catholics worship the same Christ, what do you think He would have to say about your inability to get along?”  He had no answer, just his perspective about the “others.”

The gift I want to bring back home is the renewed commitment to not let my perspectives, judgments, and opinions create “others” and thus blind me to the sacred Spirit alive everywhere and in everyone.  I bring home a renewed tenacity to purge myself of any thought or emotion that smacks of dualism.   I bring home a renewed vow to let love and understanding be the power that guides my faith.  I bring home a renewed thirst to see God expressed as every landscape, every culture, and every spiritual path, and every person, even the ones I don’t understand.   Today I invite and challenge each of you to ask the Christ, the Buddha, and the Atman of your very nature, “Where am I called to get along?”   As they might say in Ireland, that invitation comes with a thousand welcomes!  It also comes with an infinite number of gateways to hallowed territory, within and without.  Happy traveling!

Rev. Richard

 A big thank you to Joanne Perry and Barbara Bol Lorenc for taking these great pictures!

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