As I sit at my desk today I am writing as my alter ego for the week, Col. Rhinoceros!  I am delighted to tell you that our church is alive and well with enthusiasm, excitement and learning as Camp Northstar is back in full swing!  The halls are ringing with the energetic vibrations of youth and adventure that makes the heart of this long time Spiritual Safari guide burst with joy!

Camp 2014

One of the main themes of our camp this year is that God lives in the tiger, God lives in the elephant, God lives in the giraffe, the monkey, the alligator, and the hippopotamus too.  As we walk this magnificent human adventure let us remind ourselves that with all our differences and idiosyncrasies that God expresses in an infinite arrays of color, texture, shape, size, and expression. No one expression is less or more than another,  just different and equally as beautiful.

It reminds me of one of my favorite songs from the musical the Lion King that has the following lyrics – “Ingonyama, Nengwenamabala!  Hela, he mamamela.”  These African words loosely translate to mean, God is in the Tiger, God is in the Lion . . . Look in your reflection, God lives in you!  Listen within, God lives in you.

This truth is foundational to everything we do at Unity North Atlanta Church.  Let each of us, every day be the human manifesters of this spiritual reality.  As we walk through the jungle of earthly experiences, let us be mindful of seeing good everywhere by recognizing the face of God no matter where we may be.

For those that joined us last Sunday you saw a magnificent testimony to this truth as J.C. Ruiz shared with us from the book about autism that he and his mother Ivonne created.  What a magnificent opportunity to see beyond human limitation into the infinite heart of God it was!  That same heart lives in you!

So this is Col. Rhinoceros signing off with a mighty roar of a tiger, a joyous heart of a monkey, and an affirmation of truth; You are good enough!  You are smart enough!  You are strong enough!  You are brave enough!  And by jove, people like you!

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