Meister Ekhart said that “Man’s best chance of finding God is to look in the place where we left Him.”  I have often reflected back on past trials and conflicts in my life when I was asking the question, “Where is God in this?”   With a little self exploration it is fairly easy to discover that God has never left, but rather that I had set God aside for a moment…or two or three.  And perhaps not only relegated God to the dusty confines of the closet of my sub-conscious mind but worse yet, consciously replaced God with conditions, people, or circumstances.

In essence, I gave the human condition the primary spot of importance and blinded myself from seeing the active participation of God in my life. By not holding up my end of the creative partnership I blocked the creative flow of energy and broke the commandment ‘Thou shall have no other Gods before me.”  I set God aside.

The truth is that all the things I put in God’s place are merely illusions.  They are a part of what many cultures call “Dream Time.”  Science tells us that physical matter is nothing more than a collection of energy that we have decided with our minds to make into objects.  Everything and everyone is simply energy that we have collectively decided on a mental plane to form into matter.  God is the Divine spiritual source energy “standing under” the matter.  When we place our attention on the effects and not the cause, we miss the forest for the trees by allowing the “Dream Time” to have our primary focus.

In my continual search to know God/love and to find true meaning in this earthly existence, I have found great success through retracing my steps to recall where it was I last left God/love and misplaced my focus.  Inevitably I come to a place of personal choice or unconsciousness where I chose to be angry, play a victim, or  rely on my human understanding instead of spiritual truth.  The exercise becomes a wonderful wakeup call that serves as the means of escape from the bonds of the Dream Time.

This process requires me to be vulnerable and humble enough to face some of my mistakes, insecurities, and human flaws.  It not only opens the closet doors of consciousness, but brings me face to face with the reason I set God aside in the first place.  It’s not always a pretty look but it is well worth the effort.  The very practice helps me embrace my humanness and to be more mindful of holding on to truth the next time.  It helps me to remember to look to Source first, no matter how dark or light life might be, and affords me a clearer and deeper view of the face of God that is everywhere.

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