Today I am filled with great appreciation and gratitude for the sense of loving and evolving community that is abounding at UNAC.  Over the past few weeks there have been beautiful and emotional moments of sharing, caring, and united efforts that have warmed the heart of our community and served as great testimonies to the movement of Spirit that is happening here.

Birthday celebrations have been numerous as we honored some of our eldest members and welcomed in new life!  Thank you Harry and Gladys!  Welcome Sage!  Song writers and musicians from years past joined our current musicians last Friday to build bridges of connection and creativity that was tangibly healing.  Thank you Wil and Ryan!

Over 60 congregants showed up for a leadership class!  Many congregants have increased their prayers, visions, participation and investments in the mission and vision of UNAC.  Generosity is abounding.  We have doubled the number of CLC hosts and facilitators for this Fall; thank you Julie Steele. A beautiful hospice ministry has been created and is moving forward; thank you Karen Trostle. New leadership has emerged within outreach ministries; thank you Avril and Bernadette.

We have been blessed with full houses at services where people were being spiritually fed, lives were being transformed and love was visible everywhere.  Dreams are being realized!  Congratulations Amy cousins on being the newest member of the Silent Unity team!  Congregants are persevering over health challenges and coming out the other side with a renewed sense of power!  Way to go Julie, Bonnie, and Dick!

New members, talents, gifts and volunteers are showing up everywhere!  Authors in our midst are writing!  Singers are singing!  Artists are creating!  Leaders are leading and “seed planters” are planting! (Thank you Rita Siems.) Generosity and gratitude is showing up everywhere!  We are blessed!  Unity North is blessed!

Why is this all happening?  It is happening because of consciousness, communication, and dedication.  Keep up the great work.  Our words are creative!  Our thoughts are creative!  Our feelings and actions are creative! Our focus on what is good and wonderful is creative! Our deep abiding faith that we are one with God and each other is creative!  Thank you! Job well done Unity North congregation! Keep up the good work and know that our collective and diligent efforts are making a difference in the lives of many and are taking this church to its highest and best.


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