As I sit around watching the slow pace of my very timid and predictable life, I ease back in my recliner and become soft in the comfort of my stagnation; happy to remain a motionless and protected mass of security where nothing can shake my world or rattle my protective bubble.

Here without movement and with little thought I can control my world, nothing goes out, nothing gets in, and nothing ever changes.  I like it that way.

Here without expression and with little excitement I have built a solid mass of impenetrable wall that shields me from any reconstruction of my steady and stable life—a fortress that holds my life rigid, uncompromising, and secure.

I have no need for reorganization, transformation, or alteration to my plan. Shift happens….but outside these walls, not within them.

But wait…what’s that on the horizon….is that a change I see… this a change I’m feeling? How did it get in here?

I’ve worked for years to keep this fragile mass of a life unmovable and guarded from the ebb and flow that other human beings face.

How can this be? There’s no way this change could have gotten in here for I have kept my eye keen and poised to quash even the hint of a revolution.  How did it sneak in here?  Man the battle stations!  Fire at will!

Oh no, I can’t control it.  It’s overwhelming….. Oh boy, this is going to happen whether I like it or not.  Ooooh, it feels funny and it scares me down to the marrow of my bones. I don’t like it. Make it go away! The pressure of its tentacles is strangling me; I feel like I’m going to die…… I am dying, alas, at last I am dead……………..

Wait, I’m not dead….I’m still here. I wasn’t vaporized! Wow! I’m going to be okay. In fact I feel pretty good, kind of different, like a remodel has taken place in my mind and heart.

What’s really strange is I feel safe, even though life has changed….like an unseen force has held me through it all. It took me a few bumps and bruises to get here but I think that “unseen force” has brought me to a safer place than where I was just a moment ago.

You know, suddenly this recliner doesn’t feel so comfortable anymore. I want to wiggle, I want to stretch out, and I want to dance.


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