We’ve all seen those commercials on T.V. with the guy walking around saying, “Can you hear me now?” Every time I see that ad I wonder if God is softly asking me that same question.  Scripture reminds us that the voice of God isn’t earth-shaking, dramatic, and fiery! God doesn’t speak with the stereotypical commanding basso profundo of James Earl Jones or an explosion of thunder!  It’s still, and quiet.

Can you hear me now?God has gotten a bad rap and has been accused of using spiritual two-by-fours to get our attention. That’s not the kind of God we know in Unity.  Two-by-four experiences are merely the consequences of our own not listening.  We will only hear the Divine guidance when we get quiet and listen, step back from the hectic busyness of our daily lives, and start paying attention.  Paying attention to what?  Paying attention to what we are paying attention to!  When we do, we discover some interesting things about ourselves.

I’ve had days where it appeared I was in love with my cell phone or infatuated with my day timer or my computer. Some days the “other woman” in my life is the “to do” list! Have you ever caught yourself driving, eating, or working unconsciously? While we navigate our lives as sleepwalkers there is always a still small voice within whispering, “Can you hear me now?  That voice has guidance for us that would make life easier.  When we have problems getting calls we always ask a set of questions and investigate the reasons we missed them.  Those same questions are appropriate to ask when we are having a challenge with our God connection.

Do I have service? Here’s a spiritual reality, you always have service. You cannot be disconnected from Source.  All the power, presence, and service of God is available 24/7.  You cannot be disconnected from the signal because as an expression of God you are the signal. If you have a weak connection it is not a matter of location or lack of spiritual power; it’s a matter of user error.

Is my phone on?  Are my batteries dead? Unfortunately when life gets stressful one of the first things we stop is our prayer and meditation time.  Why is that?  The stress is a clear indication that we have slowly and unconsciously turned our focus away from spiritual truth and allowed the distractions of human reality to creep in.  My challenge this week is to create a ritual where 3 times a day we stop to recharge our batteries and to make sure the cell phone is on. It can be as little as 5 minutes! Just breathe!

Is there a problem with my caller ID? We’ve all missed important calls because we didn’t recognize the number and were afraid it could be a salesman.  Applying this to our spiritual path a word that comes up for me is ATTACHMENT! We all have attachments to the way that God is supposed to show up!  Spirit has to look a certain way and be packaged in a clearly marked box with a neon bow that that says – HERE IS THE COUNSEL OF GOD!  The truth is that God is speaking to us in, through, around and AS everything and EVERYONE!  There is no need for caller ID. What you are experiencing in your life is God because there is nothing else but God…..pay attention! Listen more closely.

This week let’s keep our spiritual cell phones on, check our batteries regularly, take every call that comes in, know we always have a strong signal, and answer a resounding “Yes!” when we hear the still small voice of God say…”Can you hear me now?”

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