Today I find myself grateful for recent events that most people would typically find unpleasant.  Truth be told, up until the last few years I would have run for the hills from these events.  Over the past few weeks I have been engaged in several dialogues, not heated or combative, but ones that danced on the line of argument.  Certainly they were squarely in the arena of disagreement.  As someone who has historically mastered the art of avoidance in regards to these kinds of “opportunities,” I will call this growth.  The fact that I found myself giving thanks for them means that something has shifted in me.  For now, I’ll call that good.

seedCould it be that contained within the tension of argument is a seed of possibility just waiting to be discovered?  Could it be that setting aside my ego’s need to be right or justified opens a hidden portal through which greater wisdom can emerge? Could it be that what I have previously labeled as conflict is an avenue of possibility that is given life through my vulnerability?  I believe the answer is yes, so for now, I am giving thanks for every disagreement that has crossed my desk.   Even as I write I am confronting my own fear of the can of worms I might be opening up.  Is this an invitation for disagreement?  No, it is an invitation for learning and growth through community, relationship, and shared perspective.   Breathe Richard, breathe!

Beyond fight or flight response is a space of breath, composure, grounding, and peace.  I want to meet you there.  Beyond resistance to disagreement there is always something to learn.  Let’s meet there.  Let’s meet at the place of creative possibility that emerges from tension and explore new horizons that transcend our human fears.  Of course, let’s all remember to bring a backpack full of love on the walk.  Through our willingness to walk through the fire I believe an expansive view of the Infinite will inevitably be revealed.  I’ll meet you there!

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