Tomorrow I am heading off to Unity Village for the last “hurdle” in my application process for Unity’s Field Licensing Ordination Program.  I have been invited to speak twice to a panel of ministers, to lead a class and a couple of meditations for my colleagues, pass a psych evaluation (that could be the tough one), and hopefully start my journey toward Unity Ordination.  Typically this would cause me some anxiety, but I have a feeling of excitement and joy about the exercise.  I attribute these feelings to a couple of things for which I am very grateful.

1. I am getting the chance to share about the incredible people, programs, and blessings we have in our community.  I am humbled and proud to represent such a diverse, loving, and powerful group of spiritual seekers.  As I reflect upon all that we have accomplished over the last three years, I am grateful for the wonderful volunteers, teachers, musicians, and friends that have dedicated themselves to creating a spiritual home that is doing so many wonderful things.  I love being on your team and thank you for suiting up for the game each time you are asked.   I’ll do my best to let Unity Worldwide Ministries know how well they are represented in Marietta.

2. Secondly, I believe our time together in community has provided me fantastic opportunities to grow, learn, stretch, and discover abilities I didn’t know I had.  This has been a priceless gift that has afforded me a confidence and strength I did not have three years ago.  I appreciate the congregants who have taught me, challenged me, questioned me, and walked through the human experience with me, always holding a deep and abiding faith in the possible.  I believe we all are more, because of our dedication and love for each other.  Thank you.  I also thank the congregants who have allowed me to teach, challenge, and question them, even if it wasn’t always in the most graceful manner.  Each opportunity has provided me and hopefully all of us a more conscious and faithful experience of oneness.   It’s an amazing journey when we answer the leadings of Spirit that take us to places, relationships, and situations we didn’t know contained our greatest blessings.  Thank you for being some of the greatest blessings in my life.

Unity VillageOne of the things I love most about Unity Village is the extra time I am afforded for prayer and meditation.  Walking the grounds with no distraction inspires a deep inner reflection and exploration that helps me find a place of silence that some days eludes me.  And although I know the actual experience of oneness is not linked to the majestic fountains that are my favorite place on campus, I appreciate the new insights that always emerge when I lay down beside them.  I hope to share some of those insights with you when I return.  I will be back with you on March 23rd and I am excited about sharing the first service that day with Bante Wajiriboddhi, the Abbot of the Georgia Buddhist Vijara and the second service with our prayer chaplains, our sound ministry, Michael Burke, and Don Simmons for “Between the Inhale and the Exhale”.  This day will be yet another opportunity to realize how blessed we are at Unity North.

For now I invite you to join me in knowing that no matter where we are, at Unity Village, at Unity North, or in some distant land, between the inhale and the exhale is the recognition that all the good we could ever desire is right in front of us! That good is found in our collective gratitude and our collective willingness to be a growing and dedicated family.    Have a wonderful week and say a prayer for me about that psych evaluation!

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