An idea is rolling around my head today that I believe is an important one to share. The spiritual part of ourselves, by whatever name we give it, is not something to be cultivated but something to be awakened. It’s not something to be tended to but something to be. Tending to or even witnessing our Divine nature has inherent in it a level of duality between observer and observed; nurse and patient! I believe life in its fullest and most organic state transcends any doing or observation.

Be-the-musicBuddha once said, “Don’t just do something, stand there!” I would add to that, don’t just think more, be more. Don’t try to be the singer, be the music. This idea transcends any “vessel” consciousness that would hold the limiting idea that God is within me but I am still separate from It.

My challenge today is to move from any thought that we are vessels for God and awaken to the idea that Jesus shared, “The Father and I are one!” We call this in Unity, “verity” consciousness. Life and I are one. Goodness and I are one. Love and I are one and the same. I am the veritable presence of God and I don’t need to do or think anything for that to be more real than it is in this now moment. Certainly I am not, and never will be all that God is, but the blessed truth is that all the qualities of the Infinite exist at the point of me. To the extent that I raise myself to this level of being I experience heaven. Heaven is something to be, and not something to cultivate. Christ is something to be and not something to observe. As we release any human need to study more aggressively, practice more diligently, or work harder to find the “right” practice, a natural awakened state of being emerges.

I am about to enter an extended period of silence as part of my field licensing program. I invite you to reverberate with me this week at a heightened state of awareness that inevitably emerges when we quiet the mind, still the inner and outer eyes of our observing tendencies, and allow ourselves to be the music of God!

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