Spiritual Education from Your Home

Don’t want to drive to Unity North?  Want to dig deeper into Unity Principles? Try SEE on ZOOM (a free video-conferencing platform).

You will need the assigned books, a computer with high-speed internet, email and Facebook, and a desire to learn on your own and discuss what you have learned with others online. Each month brings a new class, facilitated by Jennie Scott, LUT.  Registration is online at, at just $25 per class.  Assignments are posted the first day of each month, discussions scheduled on evenings or Saturdays. Each class will require two 2-hour ZOOM discussion sessions, with times chosen from options given by the instructor.

Online Classes Offered:

  • September—History of New Thought and Unity
  • October—Unity Basics Plus (includes Lessons in Truth), with Diane Glynn
  • November—Unity Prayer

November Class:  Unity Prayer

Prayer is the foundation of Unity teachings. If you have never prayed before, want to deepen your prayer practice, or are thinking about becoming a Prayer Chaplain, this class is for you. We will actively be practicing the power of affirmative prayer through praying with each other. We will also explore different ways to pray in Unity, including Silent Unity, UPray, the prayer box, and “The Myrtle”.

Our book will be How to Pray Without Talking to God: Moment by Moment, Choice by Choice by Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett, available in the Unity North bookstore or on the Unity North Amazon link. Come prepared to pray, participate, and have a point of view.

Class is $25 for all students; you may register online here. SEE Credit students should  see the instructor for details. There will be a love offering for the instructor taken at the end of class.

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