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We also accept checks or cash.  Please use the blue envelopes in the seatbacks.

For other donation options, please contact the accounting office at 678-819-9100 ext. 109.

Please note: Unity North Atlanta Church reserves the right to reverse a payment if an error has occurred during the payment process.

Thank You for Contributing!

Capital Campaign as of 11/30/19

Total Income from Donations: $105,892

Total Pledges and Donations: $508,697

Total Pledge Payments and Donations: $410,776

On behalf of the entire congregation, thank you for being a thoughtful and committed visionary. Together we are changing lives! Your pledge is a powerful statement of faith, and an investment in every person who steps through our doors! Thank you for clearly demonstrating spiritual principle and for caring so deeply about our wonderful community. I know that your willingness to support the Unity North vision will be met with unexpected goodness in every area of your life!  — In gratitude, Rev. Richard

Rev. Richard often speaks of rubber-meets-the-road spirituality.  We are focused on raising $2.1 million.  We will pay off the mortgage, create a fund for building repairs, and create increased investment in key programs aligned with our Core Intentions.

The Capital Campaign was the result of our Membership voting to stay in our current facility.  To review the dialogue that preceded the vote, click here.

The Campaign began November 1, 2017 and will run for 30 months.

If you previously made a pledge to the campaign and haven’t been contacted about your desired method of payment, please call 678-819-9100 and ask to speak to our Accounting Office.