Unity North’s Major Gift program can provide you with immediate and substantial tax deductions while creating a legacy.

Our Vision is to:

  • Pay off the entire $1.6 million mortgage
  • Have an Operating Fund with a minimum consistent balance of $87,000 (needed to cover monthly expenses)
  • Have a minimum of $500,000 in reserve at all times to cover the replacement of major equipment and major repairs as needed (i.e. HVAC units originally installed in 2000)
  • Create and expand major programs
  • Upkeep our beautiful Campus (painting, parking areas, landscaping)

Last Will and TestamentExamples of Major Gifts

  • Matching corporate gifts
  • Challenge gifts (matching personal gifts)
  • IRA (Individual Retirement Account)
  • Income from investments
  • Income from copyrights, patents and royalties
  • Assets other than cash (stocks, bonds, life insurance, etc.)
  • Residence in trust
  • Legacy in will
  • Qualified Charitable Distributions

For examples and sample documents, please click here.