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Thriving Through Uncertainty by Making Belief

We all face uncertainty. It’s part of life. But far too often, uncertainty can breed doubt, and when it does, what we need most is unwavering belief—in ourselves, in others, and in life. So, how do we find that belief? We make it!

Join motivational speakers Jeff Bell and Shala Nicely for a powerful two-hour interactive workshop offering step-by-step directions for making belief and navigating uncertainty. With humor, compassion, and a wealth of engaging personal stories, Jeff and Shala will share practical strategies, including:

  • Recognizing when you’re making decisions based on fear and doubt
  • Identifying trapdoors that keep you from acting in your best interests
  • Using The Uncertainty Paradox to put anxiety and uncertainty to work for you
  • Creating belief—in yourself, in others, and in life—as an antidote to doubt

About Jeff and Shala

Jeff BellAs Beyond The Doubt co-founders Jeff Bell and Shala Nicely like to say, “their expertise is in doubt.” On the one hand, both are leading voices on the topic of uncertainty; on the other, both battle a biological predisposition to question everything—including their own credentials!

Shala-NicelyShala and Jeff both hold MBAs and share a passion for storytelling. Jeff is perhaps best known for his two books on uncertainty, When in Doubt, Make Belief and Rewind, Replay, Repeat, and his longtime work as a radio news anchor in San Francisco. Shala is a counselor and cognitive behavioral therapist in Atlanta and author of the forthcoming book, Is Fred in the Refrigerator?

Beyond the Doubt


April 10, 2016
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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