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Cultivate Your Personal Relationship with the Moon to Enhance the Quality of Your Life

Speaker: Lorelei Robbins, Spiritual Astrologer, Counselor, and Transformational Teacher

The Moon is your powerful, daily companion. Her power is not only theoretical, metaphorical, or mystical in nature; it is a physical power that raises the tides, stirs the winds, and creates the emotional weather. Lorelei will illustrate that understanding your personal relationship with the Moon can give you valuable insights into the nature of your feelings and emotions. The Moon offers priceless insight into your deepest emotional needs, your day-to-day habits, patterns, and your unconscious.

The Moon is both your ‘inner child’ and your ‘inner mother.’  She is responsive, receptive, and reflective of you. By understanding how to ‘mother’ yourself, you are aware of what you need to feel safe, comfortable, and secure from the inside out.

Lorelei’s intention for the evening is that you walk away with the understanding of:

  1. How to enhance the quality of your life with your personal relationship with the Moon, her phase and sign at your birth
  2. How to use your specific monthly Lunar rhythms to attune to your personal cyclical patterns and ride the your emotional waves with joy, ease, and grace
  3. How to use the 8 phases of the Moon every month to consciously create what you desire in perfect Divine timing

**A Special gift from Lorelei for attending this evening**

To know your personal Moon phase, send your birth information – month/day/year/time /place by May 24, 2017 to loreleiyes@aol.com


May 25, 2017
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Lorelei Robbins
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