Our Easter services will be held online only. Please check back for updates on our Holy Week events. 

On Wednesday, April 8, Rev. Richard will host an intimate and meditative celebration as we honor the Jewish tradition of Passover and the Christian ritual of communion.  Just as the Jewish people used their faith to make their way to freedom and Jesus faithfully walked through darkness into the light, we will make our own journey toward oneness with God.  Jesus and the 12 apostles celebrated Passover during Easter week, and we too will unite these two sacred times in a metaphysical time of remembrance. 


On Thursday, April 9, we will continue our Holy Week experience as we revisit the upper room and the last supper with a hand washing ceremony.  Rev. Richard will lead a very reflective time as we discuss what true cleansing and sincere service really mean.


On Good Friday, April 10th we relive the last days of Jesus.  We will replay these dramatic moments and remember why the seven last statements of Jesus still have great meaning to us today


Holy Week culminates at our 11:15 am livestream service as we reawaken and celebrate the indwelling Christ as the most potent force of love ever known. An inspiring message of resurrection and overcoming await you.

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