Unity North is an Interfaith, Interdenominational community.  The Unity Movement was founded primarily on the teachings of Jesus and the writings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, but the principles we teach are germane to other religious traditions.  Unity North focuses more on the common message than the messenger.

Although Jesus, and our unique interpretation of His words, is foundational to our teachings, our congregation is made up of people who walk varied spiritual paths.  Therefore, we are less overtly Christian and more cosmological in our approach.

At any given service, Universal spiritual principles will be shared from diverse perspectives.  For instance, we biennially host the monks from Drepung Loseling Monastery, so we share from a more Buddhist view at those times.  Near solstice/equinox times and Earth Day, Mother Earth takes center stage.  At Advent and Lent, Jesus is, of course, more front and center.  We have partnered with Bahai congregations, Unitarian Universalist congregations, and Centers for Spiritual Living.  We share about Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur as well as Diwali and Ramadan. Twice a year we serve communion and annually host Burning Bowl and White Stone ceremonies.  We have celebrated truth found in the writings of Rumi, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra as well as the Beatles and even Stevie Wonder!  Yes, we are unique!  Our eclectic nature has created over 30 unique ministries where it is safe to explore spirituality.  No matter the occasion and how far “out of the traditional box” we may be, we draw parallels with the teachings of Jesus and our founders.

Unity North celebrates this style of ministry as a means of building bridges of understanding.  We believe that the time has come to take down the walls of separation that have long divided our world.  This is an effort we believe Jesus demonstrated while He walked the earth.  With that goal in mind, we use more universal language that can be applied as an enhancement to whatever unique spiritual path a congregant may be walking.

At Unity, we do not pray “to” anyone or anything separate from us.  We pray “from” an awareness of the God/Christ spirit already present within us.  All life is an expression of the One Power and One Presence that is God, and we pray affirmatively that the good we are seeking ALREADY IS!

“It is the Father’s good pleasure to give us the Kingdom.” – Luke 12

“The Kingdom of God is at hand.” –  Matthew 1

Jesus is not the great exception in Unity, but the great example.  He was awakened to His Christ nature, and we, as spiritual students, are called to follow his example by recognizing that same Divinity in ourselves.  Our mission is, “To realize, demonstrate and share the Divinity in each of us.”  Jesus continually affirmed, “The Father and I are One.”  We are following that example.  We also have called that Divine Christ nature the Tao, Atman, or Buddha nature.  These are just different words to realize the same Divine idea.

We are not a community that will tell you what the truth is and then condemn you for not believing as we do.  We are a loving community where it is safe to explore the God of your understanding and apply that understanding in the universal forms of peace, love, compassion, joy, generosity, and service.  You will be supported at Unity North to apply these spiritual principles to your individual path, whether Christian or agnostic.  Yes, we have them, too!

If you are looking for a spiritual environment like ours, please visit us.  Bring your questions! Bring your answers!  Bring your open heart and mind, and know we will do our best to help it feel like home!


Rev. Richard

Unity’s Five Basic Principles

1. God is all good and active in everything, everywhere. There is only One Power and One Presence in the Universe.

2. We are naturally good because God’s Divinity is expressed in/as everyone.

3. We create our experiences/reality by what we choose to think, feel, and believe.

4. Through affirmative prayer and meditation, we connect with God and bring out the good in life.

5. The truth we know is the truth we live and demonstrate.  Love in action!

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