Rev. Richard Burdick

Spiritual Leader

678-819-9100 ext. 141

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Diane Glynn

Executive Director

678-819-9100 ext. 102

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Nicole Glasgow

Office Manager

678-819-9100 ext. 101

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Frank Rambo

Accounting Manager

678-819-9100 ext. 108

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Dan Glynn

Facilities Manager

678-819-9100 ext. 106

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Betsy Seguin

Accounting Assistant

678-819-9100 ext. 109

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Wendy Beck

Bookstore Manager

Special Projects

678-819-9100 ext. 105

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Diana Witherspoon

IT Manager

678-819-9100 ext. 109

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Al Mango

Custodian and Hospitality Coordinator

678-819-9100 ext. 132

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Youth Coordinators

Karla Hodge

Kidz Church Coordinator


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Suzie Burdick

Uniteens Coordinator


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Richard Croker

Youth of Unity Coordinator


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Julie Boniger

Music and Worship Coordinator

Ryan Almario

Choir Director and Band Leader